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Robin West, PhD

Robin Lea West, Ph.D. is Professor, Graduate Coordinator, and Director, Everyday Memory Clinic Department of Psychology at the University of Florida, Gainesville

Dr. Robin West, Professor of Psychology, has been conducting research on memory and aging for over 30 years, with an emphasis on factors that enhance memory ability in the later years. Dr. West completed her M.A. and Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University and did postdoctoral work at the Aging and Development Program at Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. West has been in the Department of Psychology at the University of Florida (UF) since 1987 and is currently the department Graduate Coordinator.

Formerly, she served as director of the Center for Gerontological Studies and associate director of the Institute on Aging at UF. Dr. West is the author of over 60 academic papers, and two popular memory books: MEMORY FITNESS OVER 40, which has been published in four countries, and the EVERYDAY MEMORY CLINIC WORKBOOK. She has an extensive record of university leadership and public service and has dedicated herself to the important task of explaining scientific findings to lay audiences through her writing, public lectures, and workshops on memory intervention. Dr. West has won numerous awards, including a Fulbright Fellowship, several teaching and mentoring awards (local and national) and a MindAlert award from the American Society on Aging for her Everyday Memory Clinic training program for seniors. As part of the MindAlert Trainer’s Bureau, Dr. West toured the country from 2007-2010 doing train-the-trainer workshops to encourage others to offer memory training programs for seniors. She has served on the editorial boards of three national research journals, including Psychology and Aging. Dr. West's research on everyday memory and aging, and memory self-regulation, has been funded by the National Institute of Health, the Brookdale Foundation, and The Retirement Research Foundation.

Brookdale Fellow Class of 1989