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David Waters, DVM, PhD

Dr. Waters is a Professor of Surgery and Comparative Oncology at Purdue University and Executive Director of the Gerald P. Murphy Cancer Foundation. Dr. Waters received his BS in Biological Sciences from Cornell University in 1980, DVM from Cornell University in 1984, and PhD in Veterinary Surgery from University of Minnesota in 1992.

As a Brookdale National Fellow, Dr. Waters continues his work on animal models of aging and cancer. Specifically, he will seek to validate the dog as a mammalian model to evaluate the genetic and environmental determinants of aging and to develop strategies for the prevention of human prostate cancer. Dr. Waters’ laboratory has studied the pre-malignant and malignant lesions that spontaneously develop within the prostate of pet dogs. In the proposed research, he will seek to identify non-invasive biomarkers that can predict the rate of mammalian aging and risk for prostate carcinogenesis. Ultimately, Dr. Waters hopes to design interventions using pet dogs or other animal systems to guide human interventional trials that will decrease age-related functional decline and decrease cancer-related mortality.

Brookdale Fellow Class of 1999