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Jonathan Wanagat, MD, PhD

Jonathan Wanagat

In 1993, Dr. Wanagat began his career in gerontology and geriatric medicine at the University of Wisconsin, where he received his MD and PhD under the guidance of Judd Aiken.  He went on to the University of Washington for his internship and returned to the University of Wisconsin for the remainder of his internal medicine residency.  He completed a clinical geriatrics fellowship at the University of Washington with support from a John A. Hartford Foundation Center of Excellence grant and is currently a senior fellow and acting instructor in the Division of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine.  During his Brookdale Leadership in Aging Fellowship, he began investigating the genetic enhancement of longevity and treatment of age-related diseases under the mentorship of Dr. Peter Rabinovitch.  He is currently a clinical instructor in the UCLA Division of Geriatrics and a 2009 Beeson Scholar.

Brookdale Leadership in Aging Fellow Class of 2007