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Peter Vaitkevicius, MD

Dr. Vaitkevicius is Division Chief of Cardiology at the Wayne State School of Medicine.

His research interests are focused on the evaluation and treatment of congestive heart failure in elderly subjects as well as factors which influence arterial compliance, such as aging, hypertension, and diabetes. The Brookdale Foundation’s support has facilitated recent studies with Dr. Anthony Cerami which have shown that in a model of older primates, the administration of a compound that disrupts the cross linking of proteins by glucose can result in sustained reductions in an age-associated increase in arterial stiffness. Current trails are underway in collaboration with another Brookdale Fellow, Dr. Mark Supiano, evaluating the ability of clinical treatments to impact arterial compliance in specific disease states (Insulin Pumps in Type II Diabetes and Aldosterone Inhibition in Hypertensive Patients. ) Additional studies are also underway utilizing the resources of the VA Healthcare System to develop a telemedical congestive heart failure management centers for regional satellite facilities based in the Ann Arbor Veteran Administration Medical Center. The goal of this prospective trial will be to maximize the use of outpatient management guidelines for this frail population, to mitigate the frequency of hospitalization, and facilitate compliance with a complex drug regiment.

Brookdale Fellow Class of 1995