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Lisa C. Barry, PhD, MPH

Dr. BarryDr. Barry is an Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut Health Center (UCHC), Center on Aging, with an appointment in the Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Barry received her Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Epidemiology and Public Health from Yale University where she also completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Clinical Epidemiology and Aging-Related Research.  Prior to joining the faculty at UCHC, Dr. Barry was an Assistant Professor at the Yale School of Medicine, Section of Geriatrics. 

Dr. Barry's research focuses on the interface between mental health and physical function in older persons, with an emphasis on the epidemiology of depression and depression treatment; gender and race differences in depression and physical function; and the inter-relationship between cognition, disability, and depression and the underlying mechanisms that may help to explain associations between these conditions.  Dr. Barry is a 2007 Brookdale Leadership in Aging Fellow and in 2008 she received a 5-year K01 Mentored Career Development Award from the NIA entitled "Depression and Disability in Older Persons: Untangling Complexities."  Through collaboration with UCHC’s Center for Correctional Mental Health Services Research, Dr. Barry has begun to evaluate the relationship between physical function and mental health diagnoses in older prisoners (i.e., prisoners age 50 and older), the fastest growing age segment of the prison population.  In particular, she is focusing on potential risk factors for current suicidal ideation in older prisoners, with a focus on deficits in functional abilities that may hinder older prisoners’ abilities to manage prison life.

Brookdale Leadership in Aging Fellow Class of 2007