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Monika Ardelt, PhD

Dr. Ardelt

Monika Ardelt, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Sociology and the 2008 Colonel Allan R. and Margaret G. Crow Term Professor at the University of Florida. She is a Founding Faculty Member and Member of the Advisory Committee of the Center for Spirituality and Health at the University of Florida and a 2005 Positive Psychology Templeton Senior Fellow. Dr. Ardelt received her Diplom (M.A.) in Sociology from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University of Frankfurt/Main in Germany and her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her research focuses on successful human development across the life course with particular emphasis on the relations between wisdom, religion, spirituality, aging well, and dying well.

As a Brookdale National Fellow, Dr. Ardelt studied the similarities and differences between aging well and dying well. It appears that the psychosocial factors that help people to age well, such as wisdom, a sense of purpose and meaning in life, and an intrinsic religious orientation, also facilitate dying well. Identifying the factors that lead to both aging well and dying well might help older persons, their families, and care givers to facilitate well-being and psychological growth until the very end of life under conditions that are more cost-effective and humane than customary practice.        

Brookdale Fellow Class of 1999