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Daniela S. Jopp, PhD

D. JoppDr. Jopp is an Assistant Professor for Applied Developmental Psychology at Fordham University.  She received her PhD in Psychology from the Free University of Berlin, Germany, and was a member of the Graduate Program on the Psychology and Psychiatry of Aging of the Free University Berlin and Max Planck Institute of Human Development. She was a Research Scientist at the Institute of Gerontology at Heidelberg University, and received an individual post-doctoral grant from the German Research Foundation (DFG) to work at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. Dr. Jopp was also awarded with the Margret-M.-Baltes Award for outstanding young researchers in the field of behavioral and social sciences.

Dr. Jopp’s research focuses on psychological mechanisms that enhance positive development over the lifespan and successful aging. Although individuals’ basic resources such as health are important, her studies indicate that “psychological strengths”, namely strategies and beliefs, may be more central to successful aging. As a Brookdale Fellow, she will examine the existence and the beneficial role of psychological strengths in centenarians. Particularly, she will determine to what extent centenarians apply a variety of life-management and coping strategies and whether they have high levels of self-efficacy beliefs and meaning in life. Furthermore, she will investigate whether centenarians benefit from these psychological strengths by linking them to subjective and objective indicators of positive adaptation/successful aging.

The larger aim of this study is to change the negative view on very old age by showing that very old individuals often rely on a large repertoire of psychological strengths, which enable them to successfully deal with age-associated decline and loss experience.

Dr. Jopp’s primary mentor is Richard B. Lipton, MD, and her secondary mentors are Celia B. Fisher, PhD, and Joann P. Reinhardt, PhD.

Brookdale Leadership in Aging Fellow Class of 2010

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